Welcome to Crystal Brook Music Internatioanl
There are songs that have been loved and sung by people for hundreds of years, while many new songs are just being born at this very moment somewhere in the world. I have been always wishing to have an opportunity for providing CDs to the people who could not come to my recitals, concerts and opera performances or whom I have never met so that they can listen to my singing and enjoy beautiful songs.
Do you think people who do not speak Japanese cannot appreciate Japanese songs? I think this is partially true because lyrics are naturally very important to understand and appreciate a song. However, lyrics can be translated into other languages albeit not perfectly. Music has a tremendous and magical power of expression without words. Accordingly, the translated lyrics may be good enough for people to feel and sense the essence or spirit of Japanese songs through beautiful melodies.
Japanese songs should be appreciated, loved and sung by people all over the world, like German, French, Italian, English, Russian songs and many others. I have been singing Italian operas, European and American songs in New York based on my feeling, sensitivity, emotion, and delicate expressions acquired in Japanese culture.
To my gratification, the people in New York, the most sophisticated mosaic or melting pot of different cultures, greatly appreciate it and enjoy my singing. Accordingly, I feel very happy to be a singer who is able to share the excitement and emotion through beautiful music with so many people who have totally different backgrounds.
The CD "Moonlight" is my first album. From now on, I am going to introduce not only many contemporary Japanese songs but also introduce contemporary young and talented musicians to you.